Friday, May 20, 2022

Wuiske Models bag

 John Sheldrake and Phil Parker

My Betties bag collection is growing into a more general model shop bag collection. The latest addition is this cloth bag from Wuiske Models in Queensland, Australia

I met John Sheldrake on a tour last week. We were riding on the observation coach "Caroline" and he'd brought some fascinating tickets and this bag with him. For a donation to the cancer charity, the bag became mine. 

John had travelled to the UK mainly for this once-in-a-lifetime tour, a perfect example of getting into model railways and seeing the world. I'm no great traveller, but I've managed both Australia and Canada because of my interest, not to mention many, many interesting places in the UK. 

I don't know Queensland, but thanks to Google Streetview, I've spent a few minutes touring Jandowae, even if I can't find the model shop! It certainly looks like the rural Australia I imagine which is facinating. 

Anyway, thanks John. Definitely a rare addition to the pile!

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Simon Hargraves said...

I've got a Wuiske Models mug, also in black, courtesy of Bruce, a former customer who knew of my interest in model railways and brought it over to me from Adam Wuiske when when Bruce was visiting his home town in Queensland...they are old school buddies.
Small world, isn't it? I don't think there is a model shop as such, Wuiske Models specialise in H0 scale models of QR prototypes in kit and RTR form, thoguh there is an exhibition stand.