Thursday, May 19, 2022

Recycling an old layout in BRM

What do you do with an old model railway? You rebuild it of course. 

Model railway

Starting with "Casket Yard", the layout built to fit in a plastic box a couple of years ago, I've totally changed its look from a country yard, to an urban shunting puzzle. This month, I'm ripping things up and starting on the rebuild, next time, the job will be finished. 

Little Salkeld

My latest photo shoot is of Paul Moss's "Little Salkeld" - an N gauge layout set in a Cumbrian village. It's always interesting to see how these photos look on the page, and I'm very happy. More to the point, so is Paul. 

Digital readers have a photo gallery of the unused shots - I always take far too many so the editorial team can chose the ones that they like best. 

Over on BRM TV, you have a Phil double-bill. 

John Barner - Rails of Shefield.

 and then I look at operating an Inglenook layout, with my new project!

All this in the June issue of BRM.

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