Tuesday, May 31, 2022

A mobile kiosk for Garden Rail


IP Engineering kit for coach No 7
Some time ago, I was looking at the IP Engineering stand and especially Tallyllyn No7, and thought it would be fun to build it as a mobile kiosk for selling Garden Rail. My plan is that it would sit at the end of the siding on my "Layout in a day" at the National Garden Railway Show, providing some more branded goodness for people to enjoy, and hopefully, photograph. 

I suspect that the pandemic then got in the way, but with the show hoving into view next month, I've pulled the kit of the shelf for, what I hope, is a speedy build. 

As with all IP kits, the parts are mainly laser-cut plywood. There's also some other stuff that's a sort of high-quality card, also cut, a sheet of acrylic and whitemetal axleboxes and buffers. Some 32mm gauge wheels will also be part of the package, but they are packed seperatly and I can't find them right now. Not that it matters, I'm sure I have others and it's not like this thing needs to roll anyway as I'll be modelling it with the canopy sides open. 

As with the other Garden Rail branded models I've built, livery will be white with home made transfer decoration. I'll need to make some miniature magazines too - but that's easy 'cos I have the files for all the covers!

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