Monday, May 02, 2022

Dunster Station


From the first time I spotted Dunster station in a Hornby catalogue as a youngster, I wanted one. A really attractive building, the only thing I didn't know was that the walls are decorated with texture-free stickers. In photos, this looks fine if they are properly applied, but in the flesh, I'm not so sure. 

Anyway, driving back from Minehead, full of delicious fish'n'chips, I spotted a sign that said "Dunster Station 1/2" and ignoring the protestations from the satnav, headed toward the prototype of the model I had coveted. 

Dunster station

Dunster Station

Dunster Station

Sadly, without a step ladder, and trespassing, I couldn't get the exact photo from the Hornby box front, but I'm not worried, I have finally seen the station, and can understand why it was chosen for a model. A modest size, and very attractive, I bet it appeared on lots of model railways - and still does as the kit is now available from Gaugemaster

Long-term Phil fans will know that I did eventually find an excuse to build the model. In November 2015, I used Redutex wall covering on it in BRM. I'm still pleased with the result, if I'm going to use stickers, I like them to have texture. 

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