Saturday, May 14, 2022

Saturday Film Club: Sutton Park Miniature Railway

Spotting a post on Facebook: 

Did you know that Vintage Trains are now the custodians of the Sutton Miniature Railway?
We have ambitious and exciting plans to reinstate and run this famous fifteen-inch gauge railway on our site in Tyseley as a fully volunteer lead initiative.
We will shortly be announcing a fundraising campaign for £25,000 to kickstart the first phase of bringing this wonderful little railway back to life in the heart of Birmingham.
I was prompted to look on YoutTube for some footage, and found this lovely film.  Let's hope Vintage Trains are succesful.



Anonymous said...

An absolutely superb film and what an infrastructure that was. I saw Sutton Belle(?) in the museum at Ravenglass years ago and it’s good to know of a resurrection in the Birmingham area.

Chris Mould said...

What a lovely piece of film, my parents grew up in the Sutton Coldfield area and I remember Dad talking about the miniature railway in the park many years ago. So good to hear it's making a comeback even though not in the original setting.

Steve said...

I really enjoyed this film - Thanks for sharing it Phil
1000 times better than Eurovision !