Sunday, May 01, 2022

RMweb members day, Taunton 2022


RMweb members day 2022

Last Sunday saw the first RMweb members day for a couple of years. It's a lovely, friendly event where people bring along layouts, and we all eat pasties and cake. There's no entrance fee (donations to charity) and all are welcome. 

The day was well -attended (the photo above was taken at pretty much the end of the day) and everyone had a good time. It helped that the layouts were superb, both second hand stalls were filled with interesting "stuff" and the catering worked well. 

Lime cake

There was a discussion on the forum as to whether the corgette and lime cake I enjoyed in the morning as part of a Facebook live broadcast, was actually cake since it included vegetables. To be on the safe side, I partook of the pot bellied coffee cake later. 

However, what I didn't find time to do was take lots of layout photos. No problem - all you need to do is head to Jamie Warne's excellent blog for a full set of cracking images and show details.

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