Friday, May 13, 2022

Beatties paper bags


Beatties paper bags
Another excellent addition to the Beatties collection - three paper bags thanks to Ian on RMweb who spotted I was a bit of a fan and decided to clear out a cupboard. 

These are the first paper bags in the collection, all the others being plastic. From the typeface, I'd date them as 1960s, so one of my earlier exhibits too. I love the "Pastimes" gets to be a bullet point but am curious who decided it should be above trains and boats - surely those would be the bigger sellers?


Unknown said...

The bullets are in reverse alphabetical order - A graphic designer rather than sales manager preference?

Anonymous said...

Ah, happy memories of Santa aka Dad doing a trip to London and leaving them
Inside my bedroom onXmas morning 1965 holding a Triang TT gauge class 104 dmu!!