Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Warehouse Wednesday: Taunton water tower

Taunton water tower

Standing in the middle of some modern canalside apartment blocks is this throwback to the age of steam. Nearly opposite the station, it used to stand proud looking over a freight marshalling yard. 

The much faded paintwork proclaims "British Railways Taunton Freight Concentration Depot". 

I've not been able to find out much online about this depot. Doubtless if my book collection covered the area, there would be much to tell, but if it's not scruffy and industrial, I didn't buy that volume. 

Wonderful as this building is, what can anyone do with it? I understand that there were once plans to turn it into a restaurant, but these appear to have fallen through. As a restoration project, it would be a challenge, the place has obviously stood derelict for many years. 

Enthusiasts would shout for it to be restored, but what next? I doubt there is a need for a water tower in the area now, so it would just be a "thing". 

Another question would be what to do with the tank. Repainting is probably the best option, but that "ghost sign" has an appeal all of its own.

Taunton water tower

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Kiwionrails said...

There was a TV programme a few years ago which followed a couple who converted the water tower at Settle into a house, although I have a feelling there would be less of a draw to do that in Taunton....