Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Big ochre

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Daunting isn’t it. Where writers get scared of a blank page, modellers can be nervous of blank areas on the model.

This is the quayside area on Flockburgh’s extension. In this space will appear the end of a warehouse, small office and a chapel. These are at various stages of construction. Before they are finished though, I have to paint this area.

First coat is a pale ochre/grey mix. I’m going for a concrete finish rather than cobbles. Looking at pictures in books it’s often difficult to tell exactly what the ground cover is in many docks. I doubt tarmac would be employed and the pictures would bear me out – they often just show a pale area but no detail. Bigger docks were tributes to concrete anyway so I’ll assume that someone did the same here.

The paint used is cheap poster stuff from a cut-price bookshop. The bottles on sale for 99p do nicely for this work. I mixed in a little plaster of paris to give some texture. The wood had already been skimmed with Polyfiller which will help.

My plan when this lot is dry will be to try some washes of colour to break up the area. I fancy some greys with a hint of brown but will see how this looks after a few coats.

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