Monday, January 28, 2008

Framing and windows

Framed shanty
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Here’s a clever idea. The framing for the shanty is very thin plywood with a self adhesive backing.

First it has to be painted. This is a piece of cake as each side is a single part strong enough to handle. Once dry, just peel off the backing sheet and stick it to the carcass of the building. The glue grabs enough to hold the part but needs pushing firmly to get it stuck properly. This allows a little light re-positioning of the part. I’m not sure I’d fancy trying to remove it once stuck properly though, as the wood is incredibly thin.

The windows are another marvel of the laser cutters art. The frames are so thin – well under a millimetre across. They accept paint (Humbrol enamel) very well without a hint of the furriness that some woods exhibit.

The only difficult bit is making sure each window is the right way up. Get it wrong and it won’t line up with the hole in the frame. Guess how I know this…

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