Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gee Dee models

Gee Dee models
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Fancying a day out, I got on a train with little idea where I would end up other than it involved a change at Birmingham. Now, days out like this involve a railway journey reading a book and listening to music with an interesting town at the end.

As a model maker, in a perfect world, that town will feature at least one decent model shop.

Hence I finish at Nottingham, home of Gee Dee Models.

Gee Dee's is different from most shops for a couple of reasons. First, it's huge. Two floor, three if you count the die cast display as a separate floor rather than a mezzanine.

Second, the huge stock covers most disciplines. The top floor is railways and plastic kits. An excellent range of RTR is for sale alongside a pretty decent stock of loco, wagon & building kits - not something you find very often nowadays. Military modellers are well looked after too with kits from the usual suspects plus loads from the old eastern block countries.

Downstairs are radio controlled cars, boats and aircraft. Again, the store is unusual in that you can walk in and buy a boat kit plus all the bits you need to finish the model. A large range of fittings sits on several racks in the window.

There was even a sale on. Plenty of the kits were at tempting prices and only the strongest of will power plus the knowledge of how many I have in stock already, kept the money in my wallet. It was a close run thing though.

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