Wednesday, January 30, 2008


inside roof
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This is a tough kit to describe. The problem is that all the bits fit. If they didn’t I could go on about all the fettling and fiddling required to assemble the building sounding like a real expert. I’m sure it would make a much more interesting read !

Anyway, the roof is two bits of ply. I ran a bead of PVA along the edge of one and then put them on the building so the angle was right. Once the glue had grabbed I split a matchstick in half and used this to brace the joint. I wanted a removable item to allow interior detail to be fitted in the future.

Bargeboards are attached to the wooden fret with the tinniest of tabs easily removed with a sharp knife. Once glued on the interesting inverted cross detail is affixed behind. This braces the roof further.

I did keep testing the assembly in place to make sure I hadn’t moved anything and wasn’t going to end up with a gap at the top of the walls. The bracing is more than decorating though, it really makes the structure strong enough to get away with it not being attached to the rest of the building.

The little bits of wood along the side represent the rafters. On many kits these would be knocked up out of scrap wood but here they are supplied ready to fix. I only used 3 per side, 4 are supplied but I felt that was excessive.

Next – tiling…

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