Sunday, January 27, 2008

First attempts with plywood building parts

basic shell
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Building he basic shanty shell is nice and easy. Each part is removed from the wooden fret by cutting the minuscule tags that hold it in the sheet with a sharp scalpel. In this respect it’s like an etched brass kit although the material is thicker and softer.

The remains of the tabs were sanded away with the finest sandpaper I had to hand. Although all but one will be hidden there is a slight chance they could affect the fit of later parts.

One minor problem is that the wood is only planked on one side. This gives it the tendency to curl away from the planking. Some quick setting 5 Star adhesives PVA grabs quickly and once the parts are fixed to each other flatness is restored but it’s unnerving when you first release the bits.

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