Friday, January 11, 2008

Flockburgh off to St Albans

unfinished board
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
We’re on the road again this weekend, this time off to sunny St Albans with Flockburgh.

The scenic extension isn’t finished by a long way but we’re still going to take it. The photo shows the state a couple of weeks ago so if you see us you’ll notice some changes. As usual the jobs always take a twice as long as we expected. And I’d allowed twice as long as expected. Where does the time go ?

Anyway, despite having a dislike of unfinished layouts appearing at shows, I think enough has been done to be of interest to the viewers. More important, what we have is not detrimental to the overall appearance of the model. It ought to spark off some conversations during the weekend..

Incidentally if you do say hello, and please do, then let me know you read the blog. I know people do but it’s always nice to see your happy smiling faces.

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