Monday, January 21, 2008

Brick colours

Brummy window
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
He’s a handy link for the modeller. If you’ve ever approached a model building with a paintbrush, hopefully the thought has gone through your mind, “What colour should I use”.

I tripped over the Jewson Brick Library today. It’s fantastic. You can look up all the different brick types on sale today and get full colour pictures of each one..

The surprise is the shear number of colours available. Obviously you need to try and match the colour to the sort of material used in the area you are modelling but the pictures on the site give you a really useful palette to work with. Even modern bricks exhibit a wide variety of shades. Really good modellers will print the appropriate image off and match their paints to it. The rest of us will just see if we can mix a bit of dark brown in the rust coloured paint…

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