Saturday, June 27, 2009

Express Warflat

WarflatMonths ago I rashly promised to build a sample Warflat wagon for the Double O Gauge Association stand at exhibitions. Delivery at the AGT seemed like a good way of saving postage. The AGT is tomorrow and I realised that the wagon was still a flat pack. Some speedy work was called for.

Luckily I've built this model railway goodie before. In fact if you want full instructions, you can visit a photographic build I did a while ago. In that instance I was supplementing the kit instructions as an aid for those who'd never had a go at an etched kit before. This time, time was of the essence and so I could do things the easy way using all my toys.

So out came the mini blowlamp to blow solder around the larger bits and the RSU to stick those fiddly strips of rivets and retaining rings to the side and save me a whole lot of cleaning up. 4 hours later, allowing for a short tea break, and some pretty intense model making, I had the resulting wagon. As it's a sample for the stand I sprayed lacquer over it rather than paint. That way potential buyers can see what they are getting into.

Next time though, I'm going to take my time.

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