Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Narrow Gauge loco repaint

loco1Paul said to me, "I've got this loco but I don't like the colour. Can you repaint it like the Ffestiniog loco ?"

The model in question is a O16.5 Chivers etched kit for Herlech Castle. It had been put together OK but the green paint didn't make it stand out amongst a thousand other similar models. Mind you, I'd probably have painted it exactly the same colour as green seems to be the British Standard for industrial equipment !

Anyway, a quick web search enabled me to find a nice shot of the prototype engine in its fetching grey with a yellow stripe livery. And wasp strip buffers - rats, I hate doing those.

Anyway, the first job will be to strip the model back to bare metal and then dig out the airbrush for what I hope is a quickie job.

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