Friday, June 12, 2009

Narrow gauge diesel repainted

loco5With the paint off and a coat of etching primer on, the repainting process was pretty straightforward. First, a coat of matt yellow went on and when this was properly dry, it was masked off to leave the stripe and buffer beams. Humbrol 64 is a pretty good match for the main colour, as was the primer ironically.

Window frames are silver, carefully brush painted followed by black wipers, handrails and footplate. The spotlight lenses are gunmetal to represent an unlit light.

The stripes on the buffer beams were carefully marked out in pencil and then drawn in with a bow pen. Between these lines I filled in by brush. Then spent ages fiddling to get things properly spaced. I'd have loved to find some transfers but the lifting lugs were in the way. The footplate colour extends up the body slightly and this was easily achieved with the bow pen again.

Finally the whole lot got a shot of satin varnish to unify the sheen's and bring the colours alive.

The chassis painting was all by brush. It worked well so I had no intention of taking it to bits for spraying !

The results look nice. Much better than the green and quite a lot more modern too.

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