Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Painting wood and cork

Painted cork boat
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker
Untreated cork and wood will soak up paint like crazy. The wood will also acquire a furry surface which isn't very nice - and no use to me as a sail !

Two coats of sanding sealer sorted all this out. Thanks to the warm day coat number 1 dried almost instantly and I was quickly sanding it back for the second Go. I'm not sure the cork wouldn't have benefited from more coats than this but decided I'd let the paint do the rest of the sealing.

The orange is Humbrol gloss and the whites Humbrol matt. A couple of coats of each sanded back between each. Mind you, this didn't make a huge amount of difference, the cork is still pretty lumpy. Still, it won't matter once the boat is on the water.

The lines are applied with a bow pen compass as an experiment. The sharp end has been reversed and the now blunt bit runs along the deck. While this worked OK, I think I need to look for a better bit of kit as the pen end isn't particularly good. At least I get to find this out on something relatively unimportant than a prize model locomotive !

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