Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cheap tools have a place

Behold, the latest addition to the Parker tool kit. A pack of "precision" screwdrivers.

You may see a price tag of $9.95 but to me, these cost a whole pound. Yes, it seems that one of the Queens pound sterling is worth nearly ten of your Yankee dollars, which is as it should be.

Tool snobs might think that these aren't likely to be much good and I suspect they are right. What they are good for are the jobs I expect them to do.

On my workbench for a long while, there has been a very similar set of screwdrivers. I use them for screws (obviously) and poking gluey substances into joins. They also find themselves acting as punches, levers and prodders. Every so often I'll scrape the glue from the blade. I might even sharpen it up with a file.

What I never do is look after them properly. I have a nice set for cosseting.

Despite this, they are essential to my modelling. So important that they live actually on the bench within easy reach. There is no space in the drawers as they are never put away - that's how useful they are.

Sadly, a couple of the useful sizes have vanished from the box, hence my shopping trip to the pound emporium. Another indication of usefulness - I made an effort to find some more rather than waiting for a show to acquire some.

It just goes to show, building a toolkit of useful tools doesn't have to be expensive.

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