Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pickups on - Chassis tested

Y6 Pickups

There's loads of space under an O gauge loco, or at least this O gauge loco, for pickups.

The kit has holes in the chassis for those intending to use Slaters pickups. I seriously considered ordering a set but in the end, stinginess overcame me and I've plumped for the same phosphor-bronze wire I use for everything else.

While it might not look pretty, the set-up works. I've run the chassis over the Clayhanger board I have to hand and even with an H&M Controller, all is fine. The gears are a bit grindy but I suspect will wear in and quieten down a bit. Some grease might help too.


Stuart Firth said...

Have you tried some Brasso on the gears? Some people say it wears them out but I've had no problems as long as I didn't do it for long and then cleaned and oiled them afterwards..

Phil Parker said...

Brasso or toothpaste will both accelerate the wear in a set of gears that initially make them run smoother. It needs to be cleaned off quickly or the wear will carry on and ruin them. Paying attention to the noise should show you when. Then, as you say, clean them up and oil to enjoy quiet running.