Friday, February 01, 2013

WD Barclay - Now in green

Green WD Barclay

I must admit that the finished WD Barclay looks very pretty in green with it's red buffer beams. On the Mercian Models stand, it will show up better to any potential customers, which hopefully will result in a rush of new sales for the OO model.

I mention the OO version because the fret originally contained 3 OO and 1 HO version. Trouble is, thanks to the devaluation of the pound and desirability of the prototype, the HO model has been selling well. This means a small glut of 4mm kits to sell. The etch has been sorted out to stop all this silliness but OO modellers - get your wallets out!

The cab side sports a WD logo applied by map pen and ink as I can't find any suitable transfers. Doubtless, someone will point some out to me now, but by the time you read this, I'll have the model packed up to go home. It will help future builder though, so comment away!


James Finister said...

WD Transfers

and possibly sheet C28 from here

Iain Robinson said...

Looking great, Phil. That didn't take you long!