Thursday, January 31, 2013

Army Green

Army Green

One of the requests for the WD Barclay refurb was that the loco should emerge in green.

Which green wasn't specified but I assume that Army green. As it happens, I had a couple of the excellent new Airfix QL lorries to hand also in need of paint. According to Airfix, the green is No. 159.

Using a fresh tinlet, I sprayed the lorries and then the loco. Colourwise, I think the shade on the lid is lighter than that on the model but not by much.

On the loco, I feel that the results look a bit dead so a coat of satin varnish will be required. Maybe a dead matt finish may be technically right, but it looks wrong. My suspicion is that it won't survive handling as well without varnish either.

The lorries - they can stay matt.


James Finister said...

I know "Mulberry" used to be at Long Marston. Do you know if it still is?

Phil Parker said...

No idea I'm afraid. Can anyone else help?

Paul B. said...

A lot of Army locos were pampered pets in peacetime so a coat of deep gloss might be more appropiate! I know it sounds wrong to use gloss on a model but some Army locos really were immaculate!