Monday, January 14, 2013

Parker's Guide - Cheap!

Discount Guide
In the work of WH Smith, bookazines have a shelf life of 12 weeks. My top publication is reaching the end of this and so they are clearing the remaining copies by knocking a couple of quid off the cover price. According to the shelf flash, you've got until Wednesday to grab your copy, or your extra copy if you sensibly bought one the moment it came out.
Don't worry if you can't get to Smith's, it will still be available on-line.


neil whitehead said...

Damn and blast-could have saved the cost of a cuppa on Ryanair! Still a bargain even at full price.

Phil Parker said...

Ahh yes, but you got the pick from the shelf. At one point, my local branch only had a single copy left and that was the one people had been thmbing through and it was a bit sticky. Ewww.

Anonymous said...

In my local shop Smiths had to point out that it was £2 off