Thursday, January 10, 2013

Forge and Plywood baseboards in Hornby Mag

Cotswold stone forge

This month's Hornby Magazine sees one of my more beautiful projects - a Cotswold stone forge built from the Wills Finecast kit. Not a complicated model by any means but well worth spending a bit of time over.

As well as assembling the building, I've detailed it with the Wills parts sold as an accessory kit. A little bit of scratchbuilt detail around the forge itself and the result is a modestly priced but intricate model. I was surprised how much I liked the result once it was set in a small landscape diorama.

Elsewhere, I'm knocking up some plywood baseboard for Clayhanger Yard. Trying to be different, the front edge of these is concave. Hopefully this will exaggerate the length of the layout slightly. I will have to drop a copy of the mag into my local hardware store though, as their man with the power saw features very prominently.

The most revolutionary step is to use a heavy duty paste table as a support. I know it's cheating and a "proper" modeller would make something from real trees but time was of the essence, the table is sturdy and cheap, and anyway, I couldn't decide how to do them anyway.

Elsewhere, I've reviewed some nice 3D printed vehicles from Finney & Smith and couple of books.

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Mark said...

I found your review of the 3D printed items interesting. I've recently started experimenting with 3D printing of small accessories and I'm amazed at the detail that can be printed. With companies like Shapeways making it easy for anyone to design and print models I think there is a bright future for 3D printing, especially in model manufacturing.

Maybe we'll start to see an explosion of one man companies producing models to rival the established manufactures; Steve from Narrow Planet seems to be blazing the way here with his 009 diesel engine, but I'm sure there are others.

Phil Parker said...

Glad you liked it. As for the 009 Diesel, watch out for next month's mag!

Mark said...

I'll look forward to what I assume you will be a thorough review. I have to say from the photos I've seen, and from the care Steve takes when etching custom name plates, I'm guessing it will be a fantastic model to build and run. I'm a committed steam person, but it looks so good I'm almost tempted to buy one even though I don't have an 009 layout on which to run it!