Sunday, January 27, 2013

Peanuts mystery

PeanutsSpotted when looking for a Viewmaster viewer on eBay, a set of slides for the cartoon Peanuts.

The picture looks like the characters are visiting a British railway station.

The sign is right, the porter looks British. They are carrying suitcases, so did our heros make a trip across the pond from the US of A?

Does anyone remember this? What sort of "hillarious" escapaded did they get up to?


Anonymous said...

1980 film, bon voyage charlie brown.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil
It seems that it was called "Bon Voyage Charlie Brown”. Linus and Charlie Brown were chosen as exchange students to France. Why they were shown travelling through the UK is unknown. I also notice that the BR logo was not on all the packets – but the rest of the graphics were the same. We’ll have to buy it to know more!
BTW - Love the blog. Now an avid reader!
Chris in Timpdon

Phil Parker said...

From wikipedia:,_Charlie_Brown_(and_Don't_Come_Back!!)

It seems this is Victoria Station.

Phil Parker said...

And 5 and a half minutes into this clio:

They are at the station. Nice cartoon EMUs!