Friday, January 18, 2013

Leamington & Warwick Exhibition

Leamington & Warwick MRS Show Poster 2013

Today will be spent crawling around the floor marking the hall out for the Leamington & Warwick MRS exhibition. Despite not being a member, I get to help out with this as many of the people who are members seem to find other things to do when the opportunity arises. There's not even enough snow to persuade them to cancel sadly, little more than a fart of it as one of my uncouth friends has posted on Facebook.

I'll be there with Clayhanger Yard - at this stage it's a demonstration of a layout under construction. Please do come along and have a chat. Trains will (hopefully) move but I'm not operating a full schedule or even pretending to. What I hope is to spend a couple of days chatting about this, MREmag and toy chuffers generally.

It's going to be a good show with lots to see and plenty to help empty your wallet. You even get a free A4 sized programme with a top quality Chris Nevard photo on the front to help you find your way around. Don't worry about eating either, as Strollers Restaurant on the foyer has rightly gained a reputation as one of the best exhibition eateries in the country with very reasonably priced quality meals.

See you there!

More details on the L&WMRS website.

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