Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Salter Street Toys and Models, Satfford

Salter Street Toys and Model

Just off the main drag through Stafford town centre is Salter Street Toys and Modes - in Salter Street as it happens.

While a general toy shop, and not a huge one at that, the range is decent enough. Some Bachamnn, Hornby, LGB, plastic kits, balsa aircraft,Humbrol paint and a smattering of oddball specialist items. Basically, something for everyone but don't expect a big-time specialist.

Watch your head as you walk in - the ceiling in this old building is all over the place - but well worth dropping in when you are around.

No specific website, but there is this on the Stafford Town Centre website

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Anonymous said...

Salter Street in Stafford rang a bell, as this was where Bagnall's (toys and models) used to be in the mid-1970s. The model section was upstairs. I don't think this is the same shop as I recall a 1960s frontage. I bought my first Ratio kit there.