Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back of the hull


The back of the Bantam is the area where the compromised hull shape shows more than anywhere. It's too wide so working by eye is proving difficult. However, I've pressed on and produced the raised area at the stern.

Basically, we have a metal plate space away from the deck to clear the steering gear underneath. There's another access panel in front of it - don't know what this is but it's now on the model thanks to some 20 thou plastic.

The rear section is beefier sheet and with rare presence of mind, I remembered to paint inside the parts (Railmatch Weathered Black) before putting them together. Poking a brush inside afterwards wouldn't be fun!

Rear end


James Finister said...

I was about to comment on how realistic the weathering was - then realised that was a picture of the real thing.

Phil Parker said...

It's something I will be aspiring too though. An interesting shot for the effects of weather and wear on a textured steel sruface. Not sure if it's rust or red oxide showing through.

James Finister said...

Phil in larger scales I've had quite good results with Rust-oleum textured spray cans