Sunday, August 16, 2015

Classic cars at Warwick Retro

Scooter combination

I love a classic car. So last weekend, I nipped over to the centre of Warwick to spend a couple of hours wandering around and looking at some lovely examples.

They say that you can tell you are getting old when the policemen start to look younger. I think it's when cars you remember being common when you walked to school (WALKED to school, how ancient an idea is that?) become classed as classics. How about this boxy Volvo and an early shape Metro?

Volvo and Metro

Or a Princess or Peugeot 205?

The Princess and the Pug

The E-Type Jaguar and MG owners must have hated it. Normally, they are driving the rare stuff but here they were actually quite common cars. On the other hand, when did you last see a Triumph Mayflower?

Triumph Mayflower

All good stuff. Nice to see so many people who care about something old. Chatting to a man who had bought a car with trim held in place with copious amounts of wood screws was fun. Give it a few years though, and they will be gone and the car restored to better than it came out of the factory.

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Nick Brad said...

I think it was a remarkable piece of design work at Peugeot when they created the 205. Not only is it an agile little car that Lotus would be proud of, the looks still don't seem that dated even today.

Given the choice, that Metro or the Hillman Imp would be the one I'd drive home in.