Monday, August 31, 2015

Cheapskate modelling - Grey pastels

Picked up from the Arts & Craft section of my local branch of The Works for a miserly 3 quid, a pack of 12 pastels all in different shades of grey. I'm going to be modelling a large area of tarmac and think that rubbed against some emery paper, the dust should be perfect to add a variety of colours to the base grey paint.
I particularly like the green-grey, brown-grey and blue-grey versions. Turned to dust, they will be ideal as weathering powders.

Available in store or on-line.


Paul B. said...

They look to be just the thing for weathering slate wagons.
Thanks for the tip-off. Hopefully they'll be in stock in my local branch.

Phil Parker said...

That's why I put them up today in place of another post. These things tend to come and go so if you see them, stock up!

Keith P. said...

They weren't in my local branch at Peterborough when this blog item went live, but have tracked them down today 27 October in the Edinburgh branch. Looking forward to trying my holiday souveniers.

Phil Parker said...

Supplies can be variable. One of those "buy it when you see it" items.