Friday, August 07, 2015

Shovelling on the Severn Valley

Firemans viewThis time last week, I enjoyed an interesting day on the Severn Valley Railway. BRM had arranged for a couple of people to take part in a loco driving experience for one of our monthly DVDs. Thus, Howard Smith and myself found ourselves waiting on Bewdly station platform for Earlstoke Manor and the rest of the people taking part in the day.

We were up first and along with two crew, our cameraman and a nice lady called Barbara who had asked for the trip as a birthday present, we left the station with Howard driving. This is only the second time I've ridden on the footplate of a moving steam engine so that in itself is an experience.

Instruction for the simplest course that we were on is of the "pull that, push this" variety. No previous knowledge is assumed or required.

My role was to swing the shovel and keep the boiler topped up with water. Freelances get to be firemen!

Anyway, look out for the October issue of BRM (out next month) to see how we got on. All I can tell you is that hole you throw coal in is pretty small!

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