Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nifty packing

I love flogging stuff on eBay but once the initial joy of selling your item has paaseder, the hassle of packing the thing up to survive the ravages of the postal service rears it's head.
Yesterday, I received 3 Beatties vans in nifty packing. Opening the big jiffy bag up, I found a plastic tub. In this were the three wagons wrapped in bubbles.
Now, I suspect this tub once held rice from a takeaway. I've number of smaller ones for mixing mucky scenic materials. It's perfect packing through, light and strong and didn't cost anything in the first place. Top marks!
Beatties Wagons

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Nick Brad said...

I am officially jealous of you now, those are lovely.

As an aside, I was looking through my odds and ends for a piece of set track to roll a wagon kit along and came across a Beatties point. I suspect it was made by Hornby as the geometry and contruction look the same, but it's not the Margate company stamped on the underside of the sleepers :)