Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bantam bumper wrapped


Wrapping the Bantam bumper was easy enough. A sheet of 20 thou plasticard was cut down and fixed around the edge of the support. I've deviated from the prototype in that it overlaps the top of the hull, however, looking at the photos, this will be easy to hide under some rubbing strip and rubber bumper moulding.

Hole for ropes were drilled small and then reamed out until slivers of plastic tube were a perfect fit. These were attached with solvent and once this had dried, sanded back until only a tiny amount sticks out.

The prototype bumper is pretty battered but not enough to make it worth trying to replicate on the model. Heating the plastic and pushing it around with a bit of wood should do the job if I change my mind. To be honest, anything that makes applying the wasp stripe decoration later can be forgotten.

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