Saturday, August 29, 2015

GrA's Models, Stamford

With a couple of hours to kill before a meeting, I took the opportunity to have a look around the pretty town of Stamford rather than just driving through it. A couple of circuits of the centre later, I finally found somewhere to park and as it happens, I was just over the road from a model shop.

GrA's is a diecast models specialist. The shop is full of cabinets stocked with boxed cars and other models. Disconcertingly, most seemed to be Matchbox toys that I remember as a child. I'm sure I'm not that old.

The shop is untidy but in a good way. You can dig around and will find gems.

Besides all the diecast, there's a rack of Revell paints and tiny range of plastic kits.

Sadly, I didn't buy anything.

This was mostly because nothing appeared to have a price on it. Nothing at all.

I could have asked but the owner was staring at me from behind the counter, apparently annoyed because I'd interrupted Bargain Hunt on the TV in the back. I'm sure once you get to know the shop it's lovely but I felt a bit uncomfortable and so scurried off to find cake.

However, if I was a serious diecast collector, I'd make the trip as the stock is huge and varied. If you are looking for a rare piece, it would be worth a go.

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It is has closed