Sunday, April 21, 2013

Industrial Train

Industrial Train

Despite being a bit of an anorak for indsutrial railways, I've not seen very many real industrial trains.

Last Sunday, on the way to the National Model Boat Show, we were heading along the A511 and came across the flashing level crossing lights that indicated an approaching trains. Unlike most people, I thought, "Woo hoo!" and was happy to sit and wait.

As you can see, the train is powered by an 0-6-0 diesel, a Hunslet I think, and consists of 15-20 (we lost count) bogie hoper wagons. The line is slightly downhill at this point but even so, there must be some power in that engine! Speed was a fast walking pace. I think it took around 5 minutes to cross.

The train belongs to Aggregate Industries and you can find the location on this Google Map.

One final thing. If you are stopped at a level crossing, put the handbrake on and don't dazzle the driver behind with your high-level brake light. It's not hard to reach down and will save the muscles in your leg. Thank you.


Matt Dawson said...

If you look on "satellite" mode on Google maps you can actually see the shunter idling in a siding.

Deathwatch said...

I think its actually a Thomas Hill Steelman Phil, they do look quite similar to the classic Hunslet at a glance. Judith Edge produce a nice looking kit for it.

Phil Parker said...

A quick search on "Thomas Hill Steelman" does bring up some photos that look very like this engine.

And I don't need any more kits so I'm not going to build one!

Michael Campbell said...

On the "final thing", I recently drove a Volvo pool car at work. As well as stop/start it had an electronic handbrake, which means the designers could have put the switch anywhere they liked. For some strange reason they chose to put it where I'd expect to find the bonnet release, just by my right shin. Queuing traffic was like doing sit-ups!