Friday, April 19, 2013

Roof detailing

Roof details

According to the Drifters, Up on the roof you only have to wish to make it so.

This is rubbish although the reality isn't too difficult, at least on the Y6 roof anyway.

The steam condenser (the bit with the pipe) glues into place with only a hint of cleaning. The chimney benefited from the attentions of a 4.5mm drill top open it out a bit but again it fitted well. Be careful to chose the right me - early Y6's had spark arrestors but these seemed to disappear due to be useless.

The bell is a whitemetal casting that has to be drilled to fit a wire hoop. Working out the shape of this is difficult as the photos to hand weren't clear. I went with the square version show in the instructions. At one point I considered allowing it to swing but couldn't see an easy way of holding it in the centre of the loop and not bash the sides. It doesn't ring anyway and I'd probably bung anything up with paint so superglue does the job.

The rope is fine thread superglued in place and then covered in the same stuff to make it stiff. If you don't do that it won't hang properly - rope is heavy and sags whereas thread isn't and frequently won't of its own accord.

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