Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Time out to tidy up

Tidy Up

Making stuff is one thing. Every so often though, I have to tidy up.

The worst things to tidy are completed etched kits. Left on the frets will be several goodies that looks too nice to throw away. There will also be lovely straight strips of brass. Gotta keep me some of that. Just not too much and carefully cut into strips for the little "handy bits of brass" drawer. I really have to stop storing whole empty frets.

Then there are bits and pieces from the chassis. Leftover Romford crank pin washers for example. Very handy and not cheap to buy but fiddly to file in the appropriate jam jar. Picking them out from the detritus of the kit box isn't fun but is necessary.

Then there is the box itself. I paid good money for it but do I really need all those boxes? Maybe a couple of the "big enough for a loco" variety but surely no more. On the other hand, the flat ones are useful while the kit is being assembled and they are so well made...

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Chris Ford said...

Glad I'm not the only one that nicks the jam jars from tea rooms.