Tuesday, April 09, 2013

MyHobbyStore, Nuneaton

Editing MREmag.com I have some affiliation with MyHobbyStore so it was interesting to go an see the premises for myself.

Proving it is a small world, the proprietor used to run Modellenium, a model shop specialising in diecast vehicles in Warwick. I knew the shop well as it had the best stocked Humbrol paint rack in the area and since I worked about 5 minutes stroll away, when I needed paint, it's where I used to go.

That was years ago and now the premises are on an industrial estate on the edge of Nuneaton. At least they get some parking outside the shop this way!

Behind the unassuming door, there is a modest, but well stocked, model shop. Now with a range of railway models in addition to the diescast cars, it's worth a look if you are in the area. The Humbrol rack is still available and during my visit, it was well stocked too. There are also scenic accessories and even little Peco items.

Visit the Modelfair website.

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