Monday, April 22, 2013

Prime Time

Shiny BrassIt seems a shame to cover up all the nice brass on the Y6 with primer but I guess it has to be done.

OK, so the metal is a bit tarnished from sitting around uncovered, but there is something about a kit "in the metal" that appeals to me. This model is especially special as you can peer through the doorways at the insides, something not normal on a steam engine. Even diesels, which have "insides" to peer at tend to provide only little portals to gawp through.

I'm not alone as anyone who has seen a collection of Korean brass engines owned by an American, will see yellow metal and only very rarely a painted engine. I know those things are expensive (and lovely) but it seems a shame that they often never get painted to fulfill their potential as excellent models.

Anyway, the first problem I hit was that folding the draw hook back against the buffer beam and soldering stops the chassis from being removed. A proper modeller would have spotted this, or at least do something about it. I've just masked the visible mechanical bits.

After that it's a quick blast with etching primer from Halfords and then a good look at the model to see if I need to fix anything before paint.

Primed Bits


James Finister said...

If you like your locos unpainted how about these two triumphs of the electroplaters art in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, made for the chairman of an Argentinian railway

Phil Parker said...

I've seen these and they are very impressive, although I think the rivet counters might disagree!