Sunday, March 08, 2015


Tunnocks Van

You see above, a delightful limited edition Peco N gauge wagon. Only available from ModelRail Scotland last weekend, it celebrates the countries greatest contribution to culinary matters, and their most delicious export - the Tunnocks Teacake.

As I wasn't attending the exhibition, I arranged for Ben Jones to collect it for me. As the editor of this countries premier model railway magazine, I felt he could be trusted with this task.

I was wrong.

You see, each wagon was supplied with a delicious Tunnock's teacake. Yet, when the wagon was handed over, no teacake was present. I had been robbed.

The crime scene
After reporting the crime to the local Polis, an Inspector Tagart took my details and ably assisted by PC Hamish McBeth proceeded to look for suspects. 

Obviously there is and obvious perpetrator of this heinous crime, the man tasked with collecting the wagon and teacake in the first place - Ben "Le Train Spotter" Jones. A man who plainly cannot be trusted with chocolate based marshmallow snacks.

Tagart was quickly on the case, "Help ma Boab! It's a braw, bricht, moonlicht teacake" he said which according to Goggle translate means "Don't worry sir, I'll not rest until I crack this case. We take teackake rustling very seriously in Scotland."

It is believed that the suspect is hiding out in Glebe Street, Kintore, possibly disguised as Horace Broon. If you spot him, Polis advise that you hide your chocolate.


Paul B. said...

Teacake theft is grounds for divorce in our house!

Duncan Young said...

greatest contribution to cuisine by Scotland? What about the divine white pudding and Haggis?!

Phil Parker said...

Haggis (fried) = good.

White pudding. No thanks.

Teacakes = Always YES!

Duncan Young said...

prefer Scottish Shortbread