Friday, March 20, 2015

Hut ready to plant

Finished hut

Just a few finishing touches and the hut is ready plant on a layout. I haven't actually built the layout yet, but when I do, there is a ready hut for it.

My brick colouring with pencils worked very well on the etched surface, probably thanks to the primer and matt paint giving a slightly rough finish. After this, dirt from Humbrol weathering powders toned down the colours. The whole model was treated to a dusting. I've always been pleased with powders on buildings and am surprised more people don't use them.

Glazing is Micro Krystal Klear wiped across the back of the windows and doors. This gives a thinner "pane" and is quicker than doing each one individually.

The cruel enlargement (the model is 5.5cm long so you are probably looking at it twice life size) shows up the holes in the mortar on the corners but you can't see them in real life. Were I to do this again, perhaps I'd run a fillet of solder up the inside.

Anyway, nice building. Enjoyable build. Check out the rest of the Severn Models range.


Ian Cooper said...

How do you ensure the weathering powders don't rub/fall off again with handling after you've finished?

Phil Parker said...

I find Humbrol powders stickier than most so it's less of a problem but if I'm honest, even on rolling stock, you don't lose much. Sometimes it even improves matters as the bits that are cleaned are those cleaned in real life. Powders tend to stick in the nooks and crannies - just like dirt in real life.

The building will eventually be planted on a layout and probably never touched again so I'm not expecting a problem.

Anonymous said...

I find powders are pretty permanent, even to some scrubbing at times. The building looks great, even at magnification.

Ian Cooper said...

Ta :o)