Saturday, March 07, 2015


01 shunting

On Melbridge dock, a Class 01 diesel, built from a Judith Edge etched brass kit propels a shunters truck made from a long forgotten whitemetal kits. In the background is a vanwide from Parkside Dundas.

The boxes and barrels are from Kibri (now available from Knightwing), the people from Langley. The warehouse is scratchbuilt from Dalerboard and plastic sheet.

Track is SMP code 75 rail soldered to PCB sleepers. Cobbles from Slaters Plasticard. Point lever, a whitemetal item from Springside.

Nothing in this picture is RTR, even though it is all OO.

If you want to see this in the flesh, head over to the Leamington & Warwick MRC exhibition this weekend.

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