Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wrong roof

Roof - Rusty

At first, I thought I'd done quite a good job on the hut roof. A base coat of Humbrol leather streaked with rust while still wet. In my mind, once liberally dusted with weathering powders and perhaps a little plastic solvent for extra texture (it attacks the paint, making it wrinkle) the results would be lovely.

However, while painting, I wondered what the panel at the front of the hut was supposed to be. After pondering for a while, I realised it should be asbestos.

Roof - Asbestos
So, back to the paint pot for a basic asbestos mix. More 121 with loads of talcum powder flicked on to it from a wide brush. Then, when a bit dry, even more talk worked in from the brush directly. If the paint peels off in places, recoat and add more talc.
Asbestos does need the texture. At the moment it's too clean but the final weathering will sort this out. 


Anonymous said...


Looks good so far.
Minor point but the roof pattern appears same as that of the lean-to construction so should that not be treated the same. Could leave as wriggly tin although it should have a different profile.


Phil Parker said...

They are the same but I have a feeling that the main roof should have larger corrugations.

Basically, in the overall layout, I'm hoping no one will notice. So don't tell them...