Friday, March 13, 2015

Last half hour motive power

If you want to see some interesting motive power at a model railway exhibition, you need to hang on until the end of the day. While we might be oh so sensible most of the time, the last half hour is when decide we don't really care so much.

On Melbridge Dock, the rule is that all wagons are shunted off the layout with a loco. No picking up things by hand. Sometimes it's nice to run stuff that's been sat in the cabinet all weekend.

Garratt on passenger train

For a three coach passenger train, you don't really need a Garratt. But we have one and I like to run it.

Titch and tarpaulin wagons

Titch, the petrol powered shunter isn't particularly powerful thanks to only being driven on a single axle. Rev it up a bit though and it can still haul a few wagons around.

Ruston Shunting vans

Thanks to a bonnet full of lead, our Ruston 48DS is rather more capable than the prototype was and can easily handle a siding full of vans.

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