Thursday, March 26, 2015

More wiggly tin

Every time I drive by this rusting garage, I think, "That looks fabulous, I must post a photo on my blog." In the last couple of weeks, I've driven past it three times. This post is simply to allow me to stop marvelling at this ramshackle structure and pay attention to the complex junction I'm about to negotiate.
I've developed a bit of a fascination with corrugated iron. It seems like a material very much of its time and that time being about 40 years ago. I know you can still buy the stuff, but around here, you see very little in use nowadays.
I'm fascinated by the way the metal has weathered. Roof panels exposed to the weather are coated in surface rust. The front still has a lot of paint but with the rust breaking through.
If anyone wants to visit this shed, you can find it here on Google maps.


lnrmodels said...

It's a wonderful shed and just crying out to be modelled.

Phil Parker said...

Too right. That's why it keeps distracting me when I should be thinking about not wrapping the car around a HGV heading for a cement works.