Thursday, March 05, 2015

Two 03s


For various reasons, I'm in possession of the latest incarnation of the Bachmann Class 03 diesel. I've owned the Mainline version almost since it came out so it's interesting to compare the two.

My model (on the right) is always the first loco on to Melbridge Dock at the start of each day. It's a tradition that is so old I can't remember how it started, however w stick with it. The loco works one train and then isn't seen until the next morning. I reckon people prefer to see kit-built models, or at least I prefer that they do. I didn't go to all that trouble to run RTR!

Anyway, how do they compare?

Not that badly actually. OK, my model has been worked over with a little detail and flush glazing but the Bachy one is factory weathered and two decades newer.

Old loco has moulded lumps for bonnet door handles but those along the top of the bonnet might be chunky but at least they aren't wobbly in spite of several repairs. The old green looks better to my eye too.

Fuel filers are more prominent on the new model and the rivets a bit more subtle. Old loco is missing handrails around the front steps but I prefer the treatment of the front grille.

The older bonnet itself is a little chubby and you don't get any cab detail but then I'm not seeing that much inside the new version either.

My hand weathering is much better than the factory stuff - I think I see clean bits on the wheels where the con rods shaded then from the spray paint.

Overall, my loco retains its space in the stock box. No heading down the model shop for me this time.

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