Monday, March 30, 2015

Making card kits

Card Kit buildingHere's a good example of the sort of "free stuff" I was rambling about yesterday that lands on my workbench. Juston from sent me over his latest kit for a roadside cafe. Inside the packet are several laser-cut cardboard sheets and a couple of full colour printed pages.

The idea is that you wrap the card with the paper and end up with a lovely, atmospheric building. The concept has been around for a few years now with downloadable kits available from several t'Internet sources. Now, its possible to buy them printed out and with the supporting card pre-cut, saving a fiddly job that requires a modicum of precision.

Put a kit like this together properly and they produce lovely models. The thing its, doing that takes a lot of time. I reckon this thing will take about half a day to finish. After that it will fill no more than a quarter page in BRMs review section.

That's a lot of time for little result, partly why I've used it for a blog post too.

Truth is though, that the excellent instructions and large numbers of these kits now on sale mean that you simply don't need, or want, a detailed blow-by-blow built. Not every month anyway.

Once trick to speed up construction is ignore all the stuff about Pritt Stick or even UHU for laminating layers of card and paper. Spray glue gives a nice even coverage and is a heck of a lot quicker. It's a bit smelly, I used to work in a marketing department that had a massive spray booth for it's use, but work in a well ventilated area and you'll be OK. You really don't need very much after all.

OK, it's bit more expensive than Pritt, but the results are a bit better and these kits are hardly expensive.

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Odds said...

Spray glue can be had off the internet for much cheaper than 3M Spray Mount.