Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wooden doofer

Wooden Doofer

One consequence of not having taken the dock out for a few years is that it's easy to forget important bits of exhibition kit. One of these was the cable connecting a transformer to the point power. I'd taken some orange cables I didn't think we needed from the exhibition box and removed one too many. Good job the show was 10 miles from home or I'd have been improvising with bits of wire.

The other big omission was the "doofer" from the tool box. This is a sort of scriber with a point at one end and a paddle terminating in a slightly concave curve at the other. You could buy them off every tool stall at a show 10 years ago but I haven't seen one for ages.

We employ the dofer to prod down sticky couplings Sprat & Winkles might be 95% reliable but every so often you need to give them a hand, especially when you won't treat them like fragile china.

No problem - I cut the end from a coffee stirrer with some wire cutters and then filed a concave end.

Perfect. Another use for these ever handy refuges from a coffee shop.

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