Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hamleys, London

Hamleys BannerOur capital city is surprisingly short of model shops. Once, there used to be one of every corner full of cockneys purchasing the latest Triang for a handful of the buttons from their pearly King or Queen outfit. One by one though, they all closed down and now the city is a barren wasteland for people who like making stuff in miniature.

If you look around though, there are little oasis's.

Hamleys are the largest toy shop in town and when I walked by a few days ago, one of the windows featured a display entreating us to visit the Hornby shop on the fourth floor.

I did and was impressed. If you want Hornby products, you are in luck. Not just trains either - a huge range of plastic kits from all manufacturers. Paint and glue may be obtained and a few tools. Not many though.

Basically, if you need a tin of Humbrol or a present for a young relative, then you're in luck.

Lego CrownTruth is, I was much more impressed with the Lego display on the next floor. Oddly, you can't get an escalator to this but the keen shopper ascends the staircase, who is looking down on you ?

HRH Wills and Kate plus Harry and even Prince Charles. Full size and made from Lego. Brilliant.

Elsewhere, I found a Lego crown and full scale Queen. Lots of giant minifigures made from - Lego.

So, worth a visit for more than just the model making stuff.


neil whitehead said...

Used to be a big Beatties in Holborn stuffed with model railways.

Phil Parker said...

I think that one is now a Modelzone so all is not lost.